It’s an Introvert Party. You’re Not Invited…and That’s Okay.

Introverts are often described as people who can’t stand crowds; who need to recharge after huge, shall we say, social exertion; who can be around people but would rather not.

It’s a hard knock life for those who are introverted but work in popular retail stores or any kind of customer service, but that’s another blog for another time.

Now, I wouldn’t call myself the ‘typical’ introvert. I can and will happily deal with parties involving music and dancing and maybe some social drinking now and then. I like experiencing the light-hearted, easygoing sides of people and watching people enjoy themselves and have fun. Even if I’m alone in a sea of people that I don’t know, I can appreciate a round of people-watching.

I’m introverted in the fact that I won’t go out of my way to be social. Too much time spent with other people outside of my inner circle will inevitably wear me out and make me wary of human interaction for months to follow.

And then I have periods where I would just rather not. Where I imagine that I’ll have time to myself and I look forward to it.

Sometimes, I just wanna have a party all by my lonesome, in that odd space inside my head.

I’m talking doors closed, no eye contact, no anxiety over fumbling over words or miscommunications, no unnecessary small talk, no humoring people and their long, random stories that know no end, no feeling the need to force smiles just to satisfy another’s desire to feel wanted and needed even when it’s mildly intrusive and I can feel time slipping through my fingers–just me, myself and I.

It’s not that I hate or even remotely dislike you. No, there’s nothing wrong. I still appreciate and love you like I always have and always will. I just want to be left alone today.

Is that too much to ask?

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