The Importance of Seeing Yourself in the Places You’d Love to Be.


Motivation starts in the mind.

It’s the image of the end point that sits on the back of your eyelids and plays itself out every day like a film on loop.

It’s seeing success and knowing that you want it, too.

It’s sacrificing comfort and complacency for the need to do better, to have more, and suck the marrow out of life.


Decide who you are and who you want to be. Envision it clearly.

Eventually, the search for ways to arrive at that destination becomes subconscious. You look at different things and imagine how you could make it work for you. You learn tiny lessons from what’s going on around you. You absorb the relevant bits of what you observe.

Then you might find that you’re more prepared than you thought you were to take that next big step.

No matter what, I’m not going to give up, and neither are you, because you know who you’re meant to be.

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