I’ve Almost Fully Moved in with the Boyfriend, and there’s Trouble Brewing

As some of you may know, I’ve been in a relationship with “T” for over 9 months now.

Things have been going well. He invited me to move in with him; gave me a Mickey-Mouse key to his house ’cause he knows me so well; makes breakfast and coffee for me practically every morning; is patient with me when I feel unmotivated and ugly and don’t want to leave the house; and, the kicker, let me bring my two cats and my Rottweiler-mix dog when I came (not that it was really debatable; he knew I wouldn’t live without them…I’m just amazed he loves me that much).

With him having a cat of his own, we’re sort of the Brady Bunch of animals at the moment, and it can make this tiny, three-bedroom, one-bathroom house feel rather tense. His cat (Scrofa) absolutely despises and wants nothing to do with my cats, and Tony Stark seems to love picking on her when they’re alone, while Ebony just sort of struts around staring at everybody like she’s just over it. Her priorities are simply eating, playing, and hunting specters.

If the dynamic between the Scrofa and Tony didn’t involve blood-curdling screams, growling and hissing, this could almost be laughable. But because Tony can’t seem to stop stirring up trouble just when we start to let our guards down, and Scrofa wants to commandeer a space I’m so used to my cats having (the bedroom), they get into fights and I’m left feeling guilty and worried and torn.

“T” says it’s okay…it’ll just take them some time to adjust. Which is probably true–things seem to be betting better, with the fights happening fewer and further between.

His mother says they’ll just battle it out until one of them backs down, which is a bit worrisome. Scrofa is the kind of cat that won’t even take no for an answer when it comes to cuddling, let alone her living space.

The cat whisperer Jaxon Galaxy says we should probably separate them and wait for them to acclimate to each other through a crack in the door accompanied by good associations like food and treats and play, but our cats and their diets and lifestyles are quite different–Scrofa is free-fed dry food and my cats have pretty much always had wet food around the same time every evening for health purposes.

And then there’s Ryder, who loves cats and takes it all in stride, but has an innate fear and distrust of visitors.

I’m constantly amazed that T is putting up with so much. Really. I couldn’t ask for more.





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