Udemy is Having a Sale?!

Ever heard of Udemy? It’s a website featuring lessons from various professionals in various fields for various prices–most of which are over $100. You can find a huge variety of lessons there, ranging from guitar lessons to how to find your niche and build a successful business, and everything in between and around it.

And for the remainder of today and tomorrow, you can get a huge portion of them for over 90% off!

Of course, I’m not being paid for this information; I just find it incredible. On Udemy.com, I bought five classes, all revolving around different aspects of starting an online business–digital marketing, Amazon FBA, successful blogging, etc. That’s forty-two hours of lessons potentially ushering me to my future, for half, maybe a quarter, the regular price of one class.

I was only charged about $50 in the end.

Just thought I’d share this with you all: if you have any interests, anything that you’ve been interested in learning–maybe it’s coding, maybe it’s an instrument, maybe it’s a craft like drawing or sewing or starting a business on Etsy–here’s the perfect opportunity to delve into it for only $10, maybe $11. There will be a few hours of information, based on the subject you choose, and it’ll be available to you for a lifetime, so you can go back and look at it any time you want, and ask the instructor questions should you get stuck or need some extra encouragement (although a couple of reviews I’ve found say there’s a fair number of instructors that don’t respond, so keep that in mind).

So what do you think? Will you look into it? Let me know in the comments, and go forth and do great things, my friends! I’m excited for you to shine!

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