I Tried Planning Out My Days for a Week

We’ve all heard it, right? Structure is supposed to lead to happiness, and if you structure your day well with your goals, you’ll feel more fulfilled and, ultimately, successful. And if you’re a bumbling, aimless, big-goal-having person like me, you’d think a little structure and planning would go a long way.

So I attempted it.

Using a journal I bought months ago for no other reason than it looking cool and me thinking it might come in handy one day (well, hey, was I wrong?), I mapped out what I think I might want from life, and how I was going to go about getting it.

I wrote down a couple of ‘short-term’ goals: I want to grow my hair longer, become a better writer, become a better musician, and find some efficient ways of passive income and work toward them.

Then I wrote out my goals for each day: drink more water, practice the bass, practice singing, read a little bit, give myself credit for healthy choices made, and look into business ideas and models.

Like most things I ‘attempt’, it started out pretty solid and then died away like the flames of my dreams so that by the end of the week, it was an accomplishment just to write anything in my ‘planner’, let alone flesh out and accomplish my ideas in a way that felt productive. It’s only been a week, and I’m not giving up by any means, but I feel that so far, my attempt hasn’t worked for many reasons:

My Own (Lack Of) Discipline

I gotta be honest; I’ve had self-discipline problems since I was a wee lass. It’s something I never really understood until recently, and now I’m having some issues fixing it and staying motivated. Maybe it’s the need to see fast results because I’m tired of waiting for something amazing.


Or maybe it’s just lack of interest; my interest seems to fly from one thing to another to nothing at all in the span of a couple of days, these days.

I’m Not Very Competitive

I tried adding a point system to my planner at some point, an idea I got from Lily Singh AKA Superwoman, an immensely popular YouTuber. Yeah…that didn’t work. I put the number of points at the edge of each of my accomplishments and didn’t even motivate myself to the point of adding them up. It’s ridiculous. I’m ridiculous.

My Hectic Schedule

Because I’m fortunate enough to work in retail at the moment, I can count on my schedule being any time, any day, and any level of exhausting. It gets difficult working until 11 pm, trying to wake up at a decent hour, and be productive between the time I say goodbye to dreamland and the time I push myself back out of the door for work.

Even When I Make Goals, I Don’t Know What the Heck I’m Doing

And that lack of knowledge is discouraging, in and of itself.

That’s not to say that my goals don’t get completed. If I make goals like, ‘do the laundry’, ‘walk the dog’, ‘do the dishes’, ‘detangle my fro’, etc., I definitely find myself getting a lot done. But it feels like I’m doing nothing to make my life go forward, and everything to just live in the place I’m at. I could be better at forcing myself to make goals that pertain to my future and reminding myself of the life that I’m longing for, whatever that may be.

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