Do Money and Happiness Have to be Incompatible?

“Become a manager at that retail store you hate working at so much. At least you’ll get better hours and make more money.”

“Go to school and invest money into something you have absolutely no interest in. Those fields make good money.”

“Sure, people make money going the unconventional route, but they’re the exception, not the rule. It’s safer to follow the paved road.”


Seems like life is trying to send me a message here.

Don’t get me wrong; I like money. Love it. Want some more of it. But I wish to God that it didn’t have to be a priority when it comes to living my life; to having a car (walking is not at all conducive to living in a southern state where sidewalks suddenly cut off in the middle of a street), taking care of a dog and two cats, and to survival in general. I wish that it didn’t have to take precedence over almost all other things in life–because money is necessary for survival, but happiness and money don’t necessarily always align. I can be happy to have money, but not happy to feel unfulfilled if I sacrifice my wants for the sake of financial comfort.

So, can I have both money and fulfillment? Is it possible for me to simply be me and be successful doing what I love while still comfortably and happily having everything that I need?

It wouldn’t be easy. It wouldn’t always be fun, either. And there will be transitional periods, like the one I’m in now, that make me lose hope and want to stop trying because it’s hard and it often feels like I’ve been running and getting nowhere. But for me, that’s the only kind of life worth fighting for.


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