I Wrote a Letter to Myself.

Hey, you.

I know you’ve been worried about money and your worth as a human on this planet. You’ve been worried about all the potentially “gone-wrongs” and their consequences. But all of those things are illusions. None of them are definite.

You’ve been telling yourself the worst trap that you’ve fallen into was the ‘accepted route’; go to college, work part-time, find a steady job, fight the urge to not want to wait until age 50 or 60 or even 80 to retire. But maybe the worst trap you’ve fallen into is defining success by what you do and don’t have; what you have and haven’t done, and what you “can’t” do (yet). Where is the good in being swallowed by all of that negative?

Instead of envisioning what may or may not come 10 years or even 10 months from now, let’s find joy in envisioning what you can do today and tomorrow. Put love and good vibes into everything you do. Write. Network. Exercise. Make designs that can be done, piece by piece. Be resourceful. Give compliments. Be unapologetically kind and accepting, and make it your goal to make people smile and feel loved, accepted and heard. Stand for forgiveness, compassion, joy and laughter–starting with yourself.

You are loved. Give love back.

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